Arc & Co. Launch Article: 'The Ethical Yachtsman'

The ability to travel in style has always been the predominant factor behind a high net worth individual’s (HNWI) decision to purchase a yacht. However, in today’s socially-aware world, it is also important that travel is conducted in a responsible and ethical way. Being presented with a large fuel bill at the end of a sailing trip would jolt the conscience of most people, particularly when the effects of ocean pollution is a hot topic in the media.

However, given the typical price-tag of a yacht, style, speed and status are still attributes that a HNWI will be looking to acquire. So, is there an option that ticks all of these boxes, while limiting damage to the environment? Enter the solar-powered yacht manufactured by Silent Yacht.

Is this a viable replacement for the standard yacht and can it be financed and valued for resale? Is it part of a trend or here to stay?

In this interview with Andrew Robinson, CEO of Arc & Co., James Jaffa, lawyer at Jaffa & Co, Harry Bristow-Holmes, Yacht Broker and Founder of Bristow Holmes and Chris Nicolle, Senior Surveyor and Valuer at Ward & McKenzie Yacht Consultants, we explore the financial and legal issues surrounding solar-powered yachts

The Ethical Yachtsman

The Ethical Yachtsman

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