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Case Study – How To Mortgage A £14m Property With No Income

Calculating how much a client could borrow to finance a property used to be very simple.  Lenders would offer between 4 or 5 times their annual salary subject to the loan to value ratio.  Today calculating how much someone can borrow is a little more complicated with many different criteria being used to determine affordability.  At Arc & Co. our clients range from first time buyers through to high net worth individuals whose income is derived from multiple countries and in multiple forms.  A recent client fell into the latter category who was wanting to finance a £14m property in near Hyde Park, a prime central London location whose past residents include Sir Winston Churchill and the Earl of Mansfield.

Daire Dowling, Managing Director of Arc & Co. Private Finance, explains why the deal was so complex; “The client wished to raise £4m on a £14m property near Hyde Park after taking tax advice from their accountant.  The client didn’t have a traditional income stream, so we had to capitalise an investment portfolio in the background and put interest on account.  The main motivation for the client was to cut down on remitted income into the UK from overseas and to generate clean capital within the UK jurisdiction for living expenses and succession planning. We were able to achieve all of this.

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Finance summary

  • Loan: £4m

  • Term: 5 year (interest only)

  • Rate: 1.75% margin on 3 month libor

  • Termination: No early repayment charge should the client decide to sell or pay down the loan for flexibility

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Long established Mayfair-based specialist finance advisor, Arc & Co. recognises a key growing market in the Cotswolds for the Private Client business by opening an office in Oxfordshire headed up by Jamie Rigby.

Jamie and his team live locally and from the new office will continue to work closely with local private clients, developers and professionals. Jamie has worked with Cotswold & Midlands clients for over 11 years and maintains an excellent professional reputation in the area.

Andrew Robinson, Chief Executive Officer, Arc & Co, added: “After ten years in London, Arc & Co. recognises a growing demand for our Private Clients services in the Cotswolds. What makes our team even stronger is the fact that they live locally and already have strong relationships with the local property professionals.”

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To arrange an appointment with Jamie at the new office please find his contact details below:

Jamie Rigby
Arc & Co. Private Client
Financial Consultant
Office: +44 (0) 1295 793170
Mob: +44 (0) 783 394 2392

Arc & Co. helps ex-pat client secure 200 year old Edinburgh property despite challenging circumstances

Clients often arrive at the door of Arc & Co. having been let down elsewhere first. This was the case for a recent client who was trying to purchase a 200 year old property in Edinburgh, Scotland in time for their children returning to university. With the clock ticking, Matthew Wheeler, a financial consultant at Arc & Co., took up the challenge of securing finance for the property and to leave another client more than impressed.

Matthew, gives an overview of the situation and why it presented a challenge. “The client came to us having been let down by a lender elsewhere so was understandably nervous about losing the property he had made a generous offer on. Also, things are always made more challenging when transacting in Scotland where mortgage offers have to be produced before an offer on a property can be accepted.  This made for tight timescales and with a more vanilla case we would have focused on lenders that could move the quickest but instead focused on those who we knew would understand the complex financial situation of the client. Because the client was an ex-pat and paid in dollars, we had to work closely with the lender to make sure they were comfortable with his overall financial position and their long-term financial plans. The client was delighted with the rate the lender offered and security the fixed rate provided. We managed to have the conditional offer issued within 3 weeks of applying and the final offer shortly after in time for their children to move in before starting back at school and university.”


  • Client:  Couple both UK ex pats resident in America for over 5 years. Buying a UK property for them and their children to use while they are attending UK schools and University.

  • Property: Purchase in Edinburgh of 200-year-old property, 5 bedrooms over 3 floors.

  • Value:  Purchase price of £731,250 (£56,250 over value because of the market in Edinburgh being very competitive).

  • Vendor: – Private couple

  • Lender – HSBC 1.69% 3-year fixed rate

  • Loan amount - £506,250

Matthew Wheeler
Financial Consultant
Tel: +44 (0) 203 205 2190
Mob: +44 (0) 771 198 9870