Case Study: Arc & Co. secure 50% LTV deal for UK Resident Non Domicile client

Client: Private Lebanese individual

Requirement: Our client – UK Resident Non Domicile – was looking for maximum loan-to-value (LTV) on a dry lending basis for a property in Westminster, for his personal use. The property was valued at £18 million. This deal presented a number of potential hurdles, which Arc & Co. were able to work around. The first being that the client had been retaining the majority of his income within a UK business and the second being that the client had a large amount of overseas income which was not being remitted into the UK.

Solution: We were able to secure a loan of £9 million (50% LTV), which was a notable achievement when properties at this value tend to get down valued. Arc & Co. undertook extensive research prior to the valuation stage and gathered comparable evidence to support the indicative property value. The margin was 1.85% over 3 month libor for a 5 year interest only term.


Daire Dowling
Managing Director
Arc & Co. Private Finance   

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