Arc & Co. Advises on Funding for Limited Company that Owned Both Leasehold and Freehold


Client, a very experienced developer, had built a small studio flat in Tunbridge Wells as part of another development. This was unencumbered, and the clients wished to capital raise to go towards their next project.

The primary challenge, it is a small studio flat, and both the freehold and leasehold were held in limited companies. 

Property Value: £130,000

Loan Amount: £97,500  


After three other brokers turned down the chance to fund this deal, Arc & Co. kept persevering and found Gatehouse Bank, a specialist bank, were in a position to provide finance, as they were able to take a view on the wider view on the security and the client.


Alistair Hargreaves, Financial Consultant at Arc & Co. said, 

Its key for my clients that I am able to use my experience and knowledge to place a whole range of deals, especially the more complex and unusual ones. Having a  provider such as Gatehouse Bank, is ideal as they are able to underwrite a proposal on its merits, and they will listen to a business case.”

Paul Stockwell, Chief Commercial Officer at Gatehouse Bank, explains,

“At Gatehouse Bank, we believe human underwriting suggests a degree of common sense and flexibility applies — and that’s absolutely essential. It is not a box-ticking exercise and should not just be a computer-based scoring system by another name. This is especially important for customers with more complex circumstances.”

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