Case Study: Arc & Co secure buy-to-let mortgage on complex deal


Nikita Nigai
Asset Finance Advisor
Arc & Co. Private Finance   

T: +44 (0)20 3205 2122   

Client: Private employed individual from Kazakhstan

Requirement: Arc & Co. worked on behalf of this private individual to obtain a buy-to-let mortgage for a 1-bedroom new build flat in London and with a value of £825,000. This was a complex deal due to the personal circumstances of the individual and him not having clear proof of income.

Solution: A loan of £457,875 was secured and with a loan-to-value ratio of 55%. This was at a total annual rate of 7.49%, with 2% of this deferred and added to the gross loan amount, therefore achieving an annual rate of 5.49% over a 36-month term. Interest is serviced on a monthly basis and the arrangement fee was added to the gross loan amount.