Case Study: Arc & Co secure £11.8m real estate loan for non-domicile client


Daire Dowling
Managing Director
Arc & Co. Private Finance   

T: +44 (0)20 3205 2196   

Client:  Non-resident, non-domicile private individual

Requirement:  Our client was looking to refinance 3 London-based properties valued at £9 million, £6 million and £3 million respectively and via a single lender on a dry loan basis and from 2 private banks.  All 3 properties were held via a British Virgin Island ownership structure, but for personal use, so were deemed ‘regulated’

Solution:  This deal presented two challenges. The first challenge was a lease on one of the properties being mixed, due to Grosvenor Estate issuing an amendment, but for just 1 square foot of the property. Also, the client’s income source being overseas and the majority in the family name.  Arc & Co overcame both challenges by paying 1 year’s interest on deposit, signing a High Net Worth Exemption statement and by providing a personal guarantee. This enabled our client to secure a 65% dry loan on a 5-year term with a 1.75% margin on the 3-month libor.