At Arc & Co. we strive to be at the forefront of the market. The residential mortgage market is an ever changing landscape with new lenders entering each year.  Our advisors continually review both new products and new lenders to be able to provide our clients the most suitable advice available.

First Time Buyers

Making your first steps on to the property ladder can be a daunting experience.  Our advisors understand this so will lead you through the process from the start to the finish of your purchase. We will explain in depth the intricacies of the mortgage market that will lead to full advice and the recommendation of the most suitable product.


A mortgage for most people is close to a life time commitment with terms now ranging up to retirement and in some cases beyond.  It's not just important to receive the right advice when first taking out a mortgage but also throughout its term.  Arc & Co. will manage your mortgage throughout its lifetime to ensure you achieve the most cost efficient deal to meet your needs.  We can review your mortgage and give it a health check at any stage throughout it's term and always recommend a review 6 months in advance of a fixed term deal coming to an end.

Home mover

With the world becoming a smaller place and people moving more frequently, it is important to make sure that mortgage advice is given with a long term view.  Our advisors make sure that the client relationship continues long after you have received your loan.  This relationship ensures we can manage your mortgage effectively by considering porting or redeeming the existing debt with new.


At Arc & Co. we build long term relationships with our clients and thus have an extensive knowledge on providing finance for secondary properties and for buy-to-let mortgage opportunities. Each member of the team has exceptional knowledge of the market and access to a comprehensive range of mortgages from across the market.

Each member of our team works closely with their clients to secure the optimum loan opportunity in order to grow their property portfolio.

Buying Off Plan

Buying a new-build apartment or house is often very appealing.  Being able to select elements of the interior design and letting someone else do all the work can often be preferential to buying an older home and having to renovate it, hoping there are no expensive hidden problems.

Mortgages for new homes can be a complex process.  Offers expiring before your new home is complete can cause stress and worry.  Arc & Co. specialise in new build and off-plan mortgages and can guide and advise you through every stage to help ensure you get the most suitable and cost-effective solution when buying your new home.  We work closely with many of the UK's top developers and agents to help you secure and finance your new home.


Many of us dream of building our own home but before you get carried away it's important to understand how you will finance your build.  Whether you are planning to do some all or of the work yourself or employ a contractor to carry out the project on your behalf, you won't be able to get a standard residential mortgage, so you'll need to apply for a self-build mortgage.

The biggest difference between self-build mortgages and standard residential mortgages is that the funds are given to you in stages rather than as a single lump sum. This is to reduce the lender's risk and ensure that the money is spent as planned so you don't run out when you are only half way through the project.

Example stages are when you buy the land, when the foundations are laid, when the house it at roof level.  The final payment is paid on when the build is completed.

There are far fewer lenders offering self-build mortgages than traditional residential mortgages.  Arc & Co. has considerable experience with self-build finance and can save you time and money getting access to lenders most suitable to your project and help you with the complex documents required for an application.


With our wealth of market experience Arc & Co. understand the crucial importance of bridging finance and often its time related pressures. A Bridging Loan is the term used to describe a short-term finance and usually used to secure a deal on a property whilst other factors are put in place to secure the purchase or the conversion into a long-term finance solution.

Advisors are able to provide competitive market rates for bridging loans and secure the transaction on behalf of their clients often under extreme or complicated circumstances that require a fast response and smooth transaction.


With many properties now over £2,000,000 many high street banks are reluctant to lend into this market. This has created the need for specialist advice with lenders that are experienced and willing to offer tailored terms.

These specialist lenders consider the client’s needs as a whole and are not restricted by the normal criteria that would restrict the client’s borrowing capacity.